Saving Money On Pet Expenses

We like our pets. In fact, it’s been estimated that Americans spend $41 billion a year on them, so it makes sense that many are looking for creative ways to cut down on their pet bills. Fortunately, it’s mostly common sense.

Prioritize your pets needs; food is more important than toys. Besides, I know my cat is just as happy playing with a ball of tin foil as he would be with a store bought plastic one.

But don’t skimp out on vet visits. Think about it… a $30 bill from the bet for a shot or a checkup is a lot less than what you’d have to pay if something serious came up. Preventative care can save you money in the long run.

Also, shop around for your pet supplies. Does the grocery store have a better deal on pet food than a pet specialty store? Maybe a bulk warehouse or the Internet can save you money on the same pet supplies. And don’t worry about generic brands. There are some generics that are made by “premium” pet food companies, and differ only in the label.

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