Score an Extra Month of Amazon Prime for Free

Score an Extra Month of Amazon Prime for Free

I’ve been a satisfied Amazon Prime member for several years. I love Prime’s free two-day shipping guarantee.

Although I usually receive my Amazon items within the promised time frame, Amazon occasionally misses the delivery deadline.

It wasn’t until late last year — after I received a slew of late Amazon Prime packages — that I got fed up and contacted Amazon to voice my frustrations.

I was happily surprised when the Amazon customer service representative agreed to add an additional free month of Amazon Prime service to my membership to compensate for my troubles.

I’ve since had a handful of late deliveries. I contacted Amazon about two of the late packages and received two more months of free Prime service.

It turns out that Amazon routinely gives out a free month of Prime when customers contact them about missing or late Prime deliveries. You can report missed deliveries to Amazon with an email, phone call or live chat online.

“Most people don’t even know they can get some redress for late delivery,” Benjamin K. Glaser, DealNews’ features editor, told Reuters. “They aren’t even aware there is an official policy offering refunds.”

Glaser said some Amazon customer service reps offer Amazon credits for missed Prime deliveries, which could be an even better deal than a free month of Prime.

Amazon’s Julie Law told Reuters:

If for some reason our delivery promise hasn’t been met, customers can call or e-mail and we can extend them an extra month of Prime membership. But we don’t allow people to abuse that.

Amazon is likely doing itself a favor by taking care of its Prime members, especially when you consider that the average Amazon Prime customer spends $1,100 per person on Amazon annually, compared with $700 in purchases for an Amazon customer who doesn’t subscribe to Prime.

For more on cutting costs when shopping Amazon, check out “10 Secret Strategies to Save Big Bucks at Amazon.”

Are you an Amazon Prime member? Does Amazon usually meet its shipping deadlines? Share your comments below or on our Facebook page.

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