Shop Here? You’re Probably Unhappy About It

The retail sector is faring relatively well overall, according to the latest data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. But one store continues to struggle.

Shop Here? You’re Probably Unhappy About It Photo (cc) by Photographing Travis

Walmart’s recent announcement of raises for more than 1 million employees didn’t come soon enough to help the retail giant’s customer satisfaction ratings with the public.

The latest data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index show that Walmart continues to rank last in every applicable retail category, from supermarkets to drugstores.

The retail sector overall continues to fare relatively well, though. That sector’s score of 74.8 on a 100-point scale is down for the second consecutive year, but it had reached an all-time high two years ago.

Claes Fornell, ACSI founder and chairman, attributes the retail sector’s lower customer satisfaction ratings to the economic recovery:

“Customer satisfaction with retail has been higher than its historical norm over the past few years as the economy slowly emerged from the Great Recession. This was because it was a tough environment to compete in. Job security for customer service personnel was hard to come by and everybody was trying harder to please customers.

As both job security and employee turnover have increased, the level of customer service seems to have worsened.”

The retailers that ranked highest in their categories according to the latest ACSI data, and their scores out of 100, are:

Internet retail

  • Amazon: 83
  • Newegg: 79
  • Netflix: 76

Department and discount stores

  • Nordstrom: 82
  • Dillard’s: 80
  • Fred Meyer: 79


  • Wegmans: 86
  • Trader Joe’s: 83
  • H-E-B: 82
  • Publix: 82

Specialty retail stores

  • L Brands (Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works): 81
  • Costco: 81
  • Barnes & Noble: 79

Health and personal care stores (drugstores)

  • Kroger: 81
  • Target: 80
  • Kmart: 76

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