Shoppers Admire This Retailer Even More Than Costco

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Those with an active lifestyle — from trail running and skiing to fly-fishing — demand much from their clothing and gear. And Patagonia delivers, according to a new survey.

The privately owned chain finished first among all retailers in the 2021 Axios Harris Poll 100 reputation rankings, beating out warehouse giant Costco and every other retailer included in the ranking. In fact, Patagonia ranked No. 1 among all 100 companies, which spanned more than a dozen industries.

Patagonia scored highest in the “product/service” category. The retailer is known for making quality clothing and gear backed by its “Ironclad Guarantee,” which allows you to return unsatisfactory items to the store where you bought them — or directly to Patagonia — for a repair, replacement or refund.

You can even have damage due to wear and tear fixed “at a reasonable charge,” Patagonia says.

The retailer also earned high marks for more intangible qualities, such as ethics. Patagonia is known for its environmental and social responsibility efforts.

As we have reported, Patagonia is so highly regarded that even used clothes from the retailer fetch handsome sums on consignment sites like ThredUp.

Patagonia itself gives you store credit for used clothing through the company’s trade-in program.

The top 10 retailers according to the 2021 Axios Harris Poll 100 reputation rankings, and their scores, are:

  1. Patagonia: 82.7
  2. Costco: 80.1
  3. REI: 79.9
  4. Ikea: 78.4
  5. Lowe’s: 78.3
  6. CVS: 78.2
  7. Target: 76.0
  8. The Home Depot: 75.4
  9. Walgreens: 75.3
  10. Best Buy: 75.2

Wondering how Amazon ranked? The online giant fell into the e-commerce category and earned a score a hair lower than that of Costco, 80.0.

The top e-commerce company was Chewy, which earned a score of 80.9.

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