10 Products Under $15 That Can Improve Your Life

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Sometimes, it’s the little things that can save time, eliminate stress and bring unexpected joy to your life.

So, we’ve rounded up products from Amazon that can help make life a little better on a regular basis. Read on to learn what you might be missing.

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1. A produce saver that keeps food fresher longer

Oxo Good Grips GreenSaver produce keeper
Oxo / Amazon

Tired of throwing away spoiled salad greens and other produce? The Oxo Good Grips GreenSaver Standing Crisper Drawer Insert ($9.99) traps and absorbs ethylene gas emitted by fruits and veggies to help them stay fresher longer. Its pyramid-like shape is designed to ensure even exposure and airflow.

2. Grips that make opening jars easier

Prepworks from Progressive jar grip
Prepworks from Progressive / Amazon

Stubborn jar lids have finally met their match! Boasting three convenient sizes to accommodate a variety of lids, Prepworks from Progressive Jar Grips Multi-Purpose Lid Openers ($5 for a set of three) help you open jars and remove lids while protecting your hands from potential pain.

3. Shoe deodorizers that absorb odors naturally

Moso Natural shoe deodorizers
Moso Natural / Amazon

Keep your footwear and sports gear dry and odor-free with Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags ($9.95 for a set of two). Slipped into a shoe or gym bag, they absorb moisture and unpleasant smells with bamboo charcoal, providing a safe and chemical- and fragrance-free alternative to other odor eliminators.

4. A microwave cleaner with ‘explosive’ power

Great American's volcano microwave cleaner on Amazon
Great American / Amazon

Steam clean your microwave with ease with the Great American Volcano Microwave Cleaner ($9.99). Just add some water and vinegar to this whimsical, volcano-shaped microwave cleaner, heat for five to seven minutes, and wipe away stains and spatter for a natural clean.

5. A vacuum pump that helps preserve wine

Vacu Vin wine bottle stopper and vacuum pump set
Vacu Vin / Amazon

Extend the life of wine with a Vacu Vin bottle stopper and vacuum pump ($12.99 for a set that includes one stopper and one pump). Once you insert the stopper into an open bottle of wine, you use the pump to extract air from the bottle, helping to keep the wine fresher longer.

6. A collapsible colander that frees up kitchen space

KZKJ collapsible colander
KZKJ / Amazon

Say goodbye to bulky, cumbersome strainers and hello to the KZKJ Collapsible Colander ($10.99 to $11.99). Available in two sizes and four stylish shades, the simple, space-saving kitchen tool features holes on the bottom and sides for fast and easy drainage.

7. Garden gloves with claws that protect your fingertips

Garden gloves with claws for digging
Andrei_md / Shutterstock.com

Enjoy digging in the dirt? Novice and seasoned gardeners alike will appreciate the waterproof Famoy Claw Gardening Gloves ($7.92). These gloves can help save time while planting and prevent bruised fingertips and broken fingernails.

8. Collapsible bowls to feed your pet on the go

Collapsible dog bowls
Hrach Hovhannisyan / Shutterstock.com

Give your furbaby food and water on the go with SLSON Collapsible Dog Bowls ($6.99 for a set for two). Perfect for small- to medium-sized pups, the dishwasher-safe bowls boast a space-saving design and attach to a leash, belt loop or backpack with a carabiner for added convenience.

9. Massage ball rollers that relax sore muscles

Wovte massage ball roller
Wovte / Amazon

Feeling sore or stressed? Pair the WOVTE massage ball ($6.99 or $9.99 for a set of two) with your favorite essential oils to promote relaxation.

10. A multipurpose tool that fits in your wallet

Stephan and Theodore wallet multitool
Stephan and Theodore / Amazon

The Stephan & Theodore Pocket Tool Wallet ($9.95) has 46 different uses. Among them, the innovative device can “serve as a bottle opener, phone stand, screwdriver, butterfly wrench, box opener, eyeglass screwdriver, hex wrench, bicycle spoke key, ruler (inch & cm), nail puller, letter opener, can opener, wire cutter, earphone holder, fruit peeler, blade & a money clip,” the product description says.

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