10 Things You Should Never Do at the Dog Park

These habits put the health and happiness of frolicking canines at risk — and irritate the other dog owners.

Three dogs playing together at dog park.LagunaticPhoto / Shutterstock.com

Dog parks, which barely existed 20 years ago, have sprung up in cities nationwide. It’s a great concept to have parks designated for off-leash canines where they can play and socialize, but away from small children or people who just don’t want to deal with dogs.

There was a 4 percent increase in such doggy playgrounds from 2015 to 2016, when the number also reflected an 89 percent increase from 2007, reports PetGuide.com.

Brad Weston, president and chief merchant at Petco, headquartered in San Diego, told the publication that parks have multiplied as dog owners focus on the physical and emotional needs of their four-legged buddies in the city. But not every dog will benefit from every park.

Before you take Fido for his play date, consider these 10 things NOT to do while in a dog park:


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