13 Apps That Destroy Bad Habits and Create Good Ones

13 Apps That Destroy Bad Habits and Create Good Ones

Bad habits — we all have them, and most of us want to change them. Until recently, sheer willpower has been the only way to learn to stop biting your nails, or to force yourself to start exercising.

But today’s technology can offer just the right push to help turn vices into virtues. Whatever bad habit you are trying to quit, there is probably an app for that.

If you have a smartphone and a desire to change, check out these 13 apps designed to build a better you by killing bad habits and creating good ones.

Quit smoking


Smoking is one of the hardest habits to change. Stop Smoking (Android) and Smoke Free (iOS) both can keep you motivated.

These apps track things such as:

  • Number of cigarettes you have not smoked
  • Money you have saved
  • How many hours of life you have regained in improved health

For a more spiritual method, try Stop Smoking — Mindfulness Meditation App (iOS). It gives you a choice of voices and sounds, such as nature or rain, to help you stop cravings with a Zen-like approach.

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