What’s Left of Obamacare, Why You’re Not Covered for Water Damage and 13 Other Crucial Things To Know About Insurance

Insurance details can confuse even the most educated consumer. Misunderstand these key things, and it can cost you dearly.

yavyav / Shutterstock.com

Insurance is one of life’s necessary evils. While no one plans to get sick or have a house fire, you don’t want a tragedy to drain your wallet either. So you pay and pay and pay for insurance coverage and then hope you’ll never have to use it.

Since we’re paying so much for insurance, you’d think we’d all be experts on the subject. Alas, insurance policies have perfected the art of being so complex that even the experts sometimes get tripped up on the details. However, we’re here to shine some light on some common misconceptions about health, homeowner, auto and life insurance.

Keep reading for 15 things that people often don’t realize about insurance. Which ones did you already know?

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