You Won’t Guess the U.S. City With the Worst Property Crime Problem

Check out the 20 cities with the lowest and highest rates of burglary and other property crime. The statistics may surprise you.

Burglar using crowbar to pry open windowChristian Delber /

Worried about your house being broken into? It turns out that cities like Detroit, New York and Los Angeles aren’t the riskiest spots in the country for burglary. The communities that see the greatest rate of property crime are cities you might never expect.

As part of its overview of home safety systems, the website analyzed 2016 FBI data on burglaries and larcenies. They excluded any city with fewer than 100,000 residents as well as motor vehicle-related crime. Then, they broke down the results into the top 10 cities with the least property crime and the top 10 cities with the most property crime.

Let’s start by looking at the 10 cities found to have the lowest rates of property crime, according to the findings:


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