30 Surprising Remote Jobs You Can Do From Home

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Editor's Note: This story originally appeared on FlexJobs.com.

At FlexJobs, we post thousands of remote and hybrid jobs in areas that may not be particularly surprising, like writing, software development, or graphic design.

But we also offer unique and surprising jobs for people looking for work flexibility in unconventional fields.

And according to FlexJobs’ 2023 Career Insights Survey, with 54% of professionals wanting to work from home 100% of the time and an additional 41% wanting a hybrid job, these surprising and unique roles speak to the interests of job seekers across industries and career levels, as well as the compatibility with remote work.

Here, we’re listing 30 surprising remote and hybrid jobs. These jobs demonstrate the great breadth of remote work and the unique roles that are available on FlexJobs.

And though some of these positions may no longer be open, they’re still a great example of the unique remote jobs out there.

1. Physician – TeleNeurology, Stroke

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The physician role requires a board-eligible or certified neurologist physician dedicated to providing patient-centric care for stroke patients in a virtual environment.

2. Wildfire Resilience Environmental Project Manager

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The project manager will oversee vegetation management projects and documents while driving reviews of open spaces to assist with forest management plans.

3. Undercover Investigator — Animal Welfare

Detective or private investigator
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The undercover investigator performs investigations specific to farm animal welfare, documenting conditions and compiling evidence for use in campaigns, advocacy, and public policy.

4. Fitness Instructor

Woman working out at home
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This role is responsible for creating engaging fitness and learning experiences for individuals of all ages to be carried out in a virtual environment.

5. Celebrity Relations Manager

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This manager role entails working with celebrities, agencies, and publicity firms to create relationships for an ambassador program in supporting animal welfare and protection.

6. Basketball Scout

Man working from home
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The basketball talent job is responsible for supporting high school basketball visibility operations by providing coverage to players.

7. Footwear Material Developer II

Remote worker with benefits
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This role will work with a development team overseeing seasonal materials to deliver footwear materials for a growing footwear brand.

8. Specialist — Culinary

remote job
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Work with a food service innovation team to increase alternative protein and plant-based offerings.

9. Prop Styling Photographer

Prop photographer
Rabusta / Shutterstock.com

The photographer needs to have a strong sense of style to create original photos that will be utilized in articles for various home-related subjects.

10. Senior Historic Preservation Specialist

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Working on multiple projects, the specialist will lead proposals, track budgets, and work directly with clients providing leadership in architectural history and cultural resources management.

11. Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Senior woman using telehealth services
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The physiologist role will work to help members manage their exercise-related health goals in a cardiac rehab program.

12. Veterinary Technician

Woman working from home
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Working directly with pet parents, the specialist counsels clients during emergency telehealth sessions.

13. Forest Campaigner

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Responsibilities of the campaigner include supporting and executing public campaigns, managing an active network of allied groups, and performing as a spokesperson at public events.

14. Air and Noise Analyst

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The analyst will create environmental and regulatory analyses specific to noise, GHG, and air quality while supporting a range of projects and teams.

15. Meme Master

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A meme lover is required for the meme master position, which is responsible for designing and creating memes to support a social media and content team.

16. Cover Designer

Woman using a tablet
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The designer job requires an original thinker with creative digital skills. The role will create book covers for authors.

17. Psychometrist

Female psychologist or psychiatrist
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Will work with kids and teens performing neuropsychological testing in a virtual setting.

18. Sports Trending Reporter

Senior worker
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Covering trending sports topics both for live events as well as audiences’ general interests.

19. Associate Food Designer

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Working on the research and development team, the designer will support food innovation projects to help bring new technologies to help promote nutrition, wellness, and health.

20. Voice-Over Talent

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The professional will work with an audio production team to support advertising campaigns by researching, editing files, and recording voice-over content.

21. Senior Technical Sound Designer

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In this job, the audio artist will work with artists, designers, and engineers to add sound into the game world through music, sound effects, and dialogue.

22. Senior Texture Artist

Graphic designer
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The artist will create materials and textures to create high fidelity texture maps as well as help build the studios library.

23. Wildfire Resilience Planner, Forester

Senior man working from home
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The forester will serve as a wildfire resilience planner leading a vegetation management project and wildfire risk assessment in an effort to mitigate wildfires.

24. Library Assistant

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Alissa Kumarova / Shutterstock.com

Working for a mental health company, the library assistant will upload, tag, organize, and catalog creative assets in a digital asset management system.

25. Arborist

Working from home
mavo / Shutterstock.com

Identify sick trees and tree species using satellite imagery as well as perform quality control for the team.

26. Home Designer

Interior designer draws plan with art tools
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Working with time and budget targets, the home designer will create original designs for rooms and entire homes using assigned brand furnishings.

27. Art Buyer

Graphic designer or artist
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The art buyer will work in the K-8 education industry commissioning engaging illustrations for math and language arts curriculum products.

28. Show Producer

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Provides general admin support for the show as well as producing a daily show and coordinating programming.

29. Bike Tour Travel Guide

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Hananeko_Studio / Shutterstock.com

Provides guided trips as well as other activities such as updating guides, researching new trips, and training others.

30. Influencer Coordinator

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Sellwell / Shutterstock.com

Oversee end-to-end coordination of paid social and retail marketing teams of content creators.

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