5 Smart Devices You Need for Your New Home

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Just moved? Congrats! Let’s make your life a little easier by turning your house into a smart home.

Here are the top smart devices to simplify your life and protect your new home.

1. Smart security camera

Smartphone security camera
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A security camera is the first smart device you should buy for your new home. You might want to get a full security system later, but buy a camera right away.

Why? A smart camera acts as a crime deterrent. It also provides an early warning system if someone trespasses on your property. The camera’s motion detection alerts you as soon as someone enters its view. And if that person commits a crime while there, the camera could help you get a physical description and/or getaway vehicle license plate.

Trust me: When you’re exhausted from unpacking, the last thing you want to do is fill out a police report.

2. Smart outdoor light

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Like cameras, outdoor lights are a quick security fix. Lights can make it look like someone is home, and many former criminals have said they think twice before committing a crime in a brightly lit area.

And, if you get smart color-changing outdoor bulbs, they’re also an easy way to decorate for the holidays. You can set your smart lights to purple and orange for Halloween … blue and yellow for Hanukkah … red and green for Christmas. The possibilities are endless!

Fun lights are also a great conversation piece with your new neighbors.

3. Smart thermostat

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Is it getting hot in here? When you regulate your home temperature with a smart thermostat, you have control even when you’re out of the house.

With the right setting, a smart thermostat can automatically make adjustments to save you money on heating and cooling your new place. (Nest estimates that its smart thermostat saves users $131 to $145 a year.) And even if you keep the controls manual, you can pull energy use reports from most smart thermostat apps to see how you’re doing.

4. Smart blinds

Smart blinds
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Some new houses don’t have window coverings yet. To eliminate the awkwardness of everyone seeing everything, grab some smart blinds or shades. That way, you can lower them in an instant instead of fumbling with the cords.

Smart blinds often come with remotes, but you can also connect them to your smart speaker. With just a voice command or the tap of an app, you’ll have completely smart blind control. Which brings us to …

5. Smart speaker

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Last but not least, you’ll want a smart speaker with a voice assistant to manage all your other devices.

Whether you go with Amazon, Google, Apple, or something else, voice control convenience can’t be beat. With just a few words, you can turn your cameras and lights on or off, change the temperature, or lower your smart blinds.

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