7 Great Travel Discounts That Begin at Age 62

These offers of up to 50 percent off vacation expenses are proof that life gets better with age.

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You’re not just getting older, you’re getting better. And the world wants to reward your six decades of experience by offering deals aplenty.

Traditionally, turning 62 has been a signal that it’s time to begin to slow down. But baby boomers are overturning that notion. And these deals reward those on the move.

The discounts on this list are geared toward travel. So, anyone who has had a 62nd birthday and still has plenty of wanderlust will find savings of up to 50 percent off.

Best of all, these offers are available to anyone who has reached that magic age. You don’t have to join AARP to take advantage.

Following are seven great offers that kick in when you turn 62.


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