7 Great Ways to Save More Money at Big Lots

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Big Lots
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Attention savvy shoppers and bargain hunters: You already know that Big Lots is a great place to find big savings on closeout and overstocked merchandise. But are you aware that with a little extra effort, you can cut those prices by an additional 20%, 30% or more?

Following are some simple ways to score even bigger savings at Big Lots.

1. Sign up for BIG Rewards

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The Big Lots loyalty program is called BIG Rewards. Sign up, and you’ll receive several perks, including:

  • A $5 reward for every three purchases you make
  • 20% off during member-only Friends & Family VIP shopping days
  • A birthday surprise
  • Coupons
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2. Use discount gift cards

Look for Big Lots gift cards priced below their face value on gift card marketplaces like Raise.com.

Buy a $100 Big Lots gift card for $90, for example, and you’ll effectively save an additional 10% on every item you buy with the gift card.

3. Look at the clearance racks for big savings

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Big Lots stores generally have areas where clearance items are grouped together. Find out where your local store displays these items and scour the shelves for incredible deals.

Online shoppers can also find clearance deals 24/7 on Big Lots’ website.

4. Check key webpages

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Wondering what’s on sale this week at Big Lots? Visit the retailer’s website and stop by the weekly ad page as well as the weekly deals page.

Want even more savings? Try the coupon page.

5. Shop through a cash-back site

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If you shop online — whether at Big Lots or elsewhere — be sure to go through a cash-back portal. Examples of this type of website include:

When you visit a cash-back portal before shopping online, you can receive money back on every purchase you make at retailers that partner with the cash-back portal. We detail how this process works in “3 Websites That Pay You for Shopping.”

Big Lots partners with all three of the portals listed above.

6. Wait to shop during 20 percent-off weekends

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Every so often, Big Lots will offer a weekend promotion that involves 20 percent off most everything you buy. Keep your eyes peeled so you can add even more to Big Lots savings.

7. Be patient when buying seasonal items

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Big Lots regularly discounts seasonal items at the end of that season. But if you see these items on sale, it can pay off to pause before purchasing, according to the blog Passion for Savings:

“The prices on the seasonal items drop pretty quickly. If you see an item you love in the seasonal department, wait! Head back to the department in a few days. Chances are, the price will already be lower. Visit the department at the end of the season, and prices are as much as 75 percent off.”

Lastly, note that you can find seasonal deals on Big Lots’ website.

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