7 Retailers That Allow Online Coupon Code ‘Stacking’

A handful of the nation's largest online retailers allow shoppers to save additional money with this little-known trick. Here's everything you need to know before making another purchase online.

7 Retailers That Allow Online Coupon Code ‘Stacking’ Photo (cc) by Keith Williamson

Coupon “stacking” is not uncommon in stores — perhaps you have seen someone in line handing over multiple coupons to the cashier to maximize their savings.

But the online equivalent, coupon code stacking, is less common. Few retailers allow online shoppers to redeem multiple coupon codes during a single checkout process — and few shoppers realize it’s possible to do so.

We’ve rounded up some of the biggest retailers that allow customers to save more money by entering more codes, and we’ve included directions for finding such codes.

Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy

GapPhoto by Flickr user nffcnnr

Most codes from three clothing stores owned by Gap Inc. — Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy — cannot be combined with others. The retailers state, however:

Depending on the promotion, you may be able to apply more than one promotion code to a single online order.

For example, if you have a promotion code for free shipping, and another for 10 percent off an item, you may be able to use both.

A Gap employee even reported in the blog Krazy Coupon Lady last year that while not all coupon codes can be stacked, Gap.com allows up to five codes per order.

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