Regret Retiring? Try These 7 Things

A bored senior regretting retirement
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Many of us punch the clock for decades dreaming of the moment when we finally can retire. But what happens if you retire only to find that post-work life is less thrilling than you imagined?

Following are some things you can do if you regret retirement.

1. Pick up a part-time job

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Perhaps the best cure for missing work is to dip your toes back into water by landing a part-time job.

About 20% of Americans 65 and older work, according to AARP. Not only will a part-time job give you a sense of purpose, but it also can make for a much smoother financial ride throughout your golden years.

If you’re lucky, you might even find a part-time job that offers benefits. For more options, check out “20 Ways Retirees Can Bring in Extra Money.”

2. Volunteer for a worthy cause

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If you can’t stomach returning to the rat race but find retirement a bore, put your time to good use by helping the charity of your choice. Good causes need enthusiastic helpers.

3. Get fit

Senior exercise
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Many of us get flabbier as we age. Sitting behind a desk working long hours year after year is a recipe for a ballooning waistline.

Now that you have too much time on your hands, use it to get fit. If you’re not ready to go to the gym, check out “9 Free Ways to Work Out From Home.”

Or, make your fitness routine fun by learning a new sport. We have a handful of ideas to get you started in the story “5 Great Sports to Take Up After Age 50.”

Getting active can give you a new lease on life, and new goals to pursue in retirement.

4. Educate yourself

Senior Student
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If your mind needs stimulation, take a course at your local university or community college. Many of these institutions allow seniors to audit classes for free, although you often do not receive academic credits for taking courses this way.

Perhaps you’ll be so excited by your new learning that you’ll decide to pursue a degree so you can “unretire” and enter a new line of work. But before you do, make sure you’ve thought the decision through carefully. Get a start on that process by reading “5 Things to Weigh Before Going Back to School After Age 50.”

5. Purchase a rental property

Senior woman outside home

Buying a rental property is another way to shake things up in retirement. It can give you a new challenge while providing more money for your golden years.

As with so many things on this list, just make sure you look before you leap. For more tips, check out “10 Keys to Finding and Owning a Perfect Rental Property.”

6. Adopt a pet

dog walker
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Feeling bored in retirement? Adopt a puppy, and you’ll have your hands full in no time.

Pets can be expensive, however, so before you look for a furry friend, be sure to check out “6 Sane Ways to Lower Your Pet Bills.”

If a pet of your own feels like too much responsibility — or if the cost is too high — you can still spend time with animals, and earn extra cash to boot. For more tips, read “How to Make Extra Money Pet Sitting or Dog Walking.”

7. Relocate to a new home

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Perhaps your children and grandchildren have moved across the country, and you simply want to be closer to them. Or, maybe you dream of living in an exotic locale. Either way, relocating can be a great way to add zest to your golden years.

However, such a move is not for everybody. Before you pull up stakes, check out “7 Reasons Not to Move When You Retire.”

If you still want to relocate after reading that article, read:

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