8 Ingenious Ways to Organize Your Home With Tension Rods

Tension rods can handle much more than curtains. Here's how the simple -- and cheap -- device can make everyday items more accessible while freeing up storage space.

8 Ingenious Ways to Organize Your Home With Tension Rods Photo (cc) by antoniseb

Home organization products constitute an $8.8 billion industry in the United States, according to the Freedonia Group market research firm.

But for every newfangled contraption marketed as the latest organizational must-have, there is often a simpler — and cheaper — solution.

The tension rod, available from a variety of retailers and online for as little as $5, is one such solution. It lacks the novelty of the latest organizational product, but makes up for it with multi-functionality.

Here are eight ways to convert tension rods into anything from a filing cabinet to a spice rack.

1. Filing ‘cabinet’

Photo: The House on Hillbrook / thehouseonhillbrook.comPhoto: The House on Hillbrook / thehouseonhillbrook.com

After Stephanie Adams of the blog The House on Hillbrook found that even file cabinets at thrift stores were too expensive, she got creative with a chest she already owned.

She used tension rods to create a built-in filing system that still left plenty of storage space in the chest — all for $13, including the hanging file folders.

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