Amazon’s Next Move? These Cities Are Top Contenders for Its New HQ — and 50,000 Jobs

A look at the places with hopes of landing the tech-retail giant's next phase -- and the massive investment that will come with it.

Ken Wolter /

Some companies are forever associated with a certain city — General Motors with Detroit, Coca-Cola with Atlanta, Kodak with Rochester, New York. Online sales behemoth Amazon has long been linked with its hometown of Seattle, but now the company has announced it’s looking for a second location.

According to the New York Times, the company has very specific requirements. It wants a metro area with more than a million residents, and good access to mass transit, an international airport and a major highway. It also is seeking qualified workers, good fiber optic internet connections and a diverse population and recreational opportunities — much like its current Pacific Northwest home.

Amazon is one of the largest tech employers in the world, and though some in the Emerald City complain of traffic and housing woes due in part to the company’s growth, many cities are already lobbying for the chance to host Amazon 2.0. The pay-off for the winner: According to Amazon’s RFP (Request for Proposals), the company will create some 50,000 high-paying jobs and invest over $5 billion in its next host city. So, the bidding war is on. Amazon will announce its choice in 2018

The nonprofit Brookings Institution examined data to determine which cities are good candidates for the new HQ. Here are their top 20 contenders.

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