Fired? 6 Tips for Making the Best of It

Getting the boot can feel devastating, but handling it right can make the experience productive -- even positive.

Businessman carrying a box of belongingsGeorge Rudy /

Your confidence can’t help but take a hit when you’re fired.

But you can leverage the situation to improve both your personal life and your career. First, focus on the positives. Some examples: When you’re let go, it may release you from a job you don’t actually enjoy, force you to refocus your career and maybe even improve your personal relationships by relieving your internal stress and anger. You’ll likely be eligible to collect unemployment benefits to help keep you afloat as you look for your next job.

Try to keep the upside in mind as you respond to the termination, even if it feels like a disaster. And use these 6 tips to wring some benefits out of the situation.

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