15 Jobs for Retirees That Can Be Done From Home

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Many folks plan to work at least part-time in retirement, and there are a variety of remote jobs that are available to support them.

For retirees who want or need to work, but also want to enjoy their retirement, remote retirement jobs offer them a chance to work when, where and how they choose.

Part-time, remote jobs allow retirees to actually enjoy retirement, all while bringing in additional income. Let’s take a look at 15 part-time, remote jobs for seniors.

FlexJobs’ survey of over 2,000 professionals at or near retirement found that 70% need to work to pay for basic necessities, but almost 60% say they work because they enjoy it.

Part-time remote jobs for seniors at home can make working in retirement all the more enjoyable. Luckily, there are many options.

Following are several remote jobs retirees can do from home.


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Bookkeepers can work from home to reconcile accounts, collect past-due accounts, process payroll, enter journal entries and more.

Career coach

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Use your work experience to work as a career coach as a remote job.

Coaches typically meet one-on-one with clients to provide career advice, interview tips and review resumes.


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Another way to use your career expertise is by working as a consultant.

Consultants work with companies to help them identify and solve problems and come up with new solutions or workflows.

Customer service representative

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Customer service reps can work from home to answer calls and respond to emails.

Helping customers with troubleshooting and answering questions are common tasks for this role, which is a common remote job for retirees.

Data entry specialist

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Remote data entry jobs involve entering and updating data into a computer system.

You’ll need to be tech-savvy and may need to know how to use a 10-key number pad.


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Editing jobs can be a perfect role to do remotely.

Editors will look over content, whether online or in print, to make corrections related to grammar, style, punctuation and clarity.

HR coordinator

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Sourcing candidates, assessing potential candidates, screening resumes, conducting phone interviews and performing background checks are a few of the duties of a human resources coordinator.

Instructional designer

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Instructional designers plan and develop learning curriculum. You may need expertise in a specific industry, such as business, education or health care.

Legal assistant

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Legal assistants typically handle the administrative needs of a law office and responding to client communications by email, phone and text.

Marketing coordinator

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Marketing coordinators usually develop and implement marketing campaigns, track data, maintain databases, handle social media and more.

Online English teacher

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An online English teacher will teach English classes for children who are located in another country. Classes can be taught via video or an online learning platform.

Resume writer

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Resume writers will rewrite and edit client resumes and consult with clients using phone and email.

A strong understanding of various industries and job functions is usually needed to do this job.


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Thanks to online programs, teachers can work virtually to instruct students in group or individual settings. You may need a teaching license and knowledge in a specific subject area, but this is a popular remote job for seniors because of their career experience.


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Transcription jobs involve transcribing speech or recordings into text. Attention to detail is needed, and you may need to meet a words-per-minute typing requirement.

Travel agent

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Travel agents book and arrange flights, hotels and transportation for individuals and businesses. You’ll need to be tech-savvy in order to learn online booking programs.

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