3 Reasons Americans’ Vision of Retirement Has Changed

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As anxious Americans look at the state of the world — and their finances — visions of how retirement might unfold are changing.

About one-third of Americans say their outlook on their golden years is undergoing a revision, according to a recent report from the National Institute on Retirement Security. Two-thirds say events in the past year have influenced what retirement will look like.

The survey — which included more than 1,200 adults age 25 and older — found Americans in a decidedly pessimistic mood about retirement.

Here are the chief reasons that America’s vision of retirement has changed.

1. Inflation/cost of living is higher than they expected

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Respondents who cited this as a way in which their vision of retirement has changed: 31%

For decades, inflation was in deep hibernation. But now, rising prices have awakened and are roaring back with a vengeance. Those increased costs are undermining our vision of a comfortable retirement.

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2. They have savings struggles

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Respondents who cited this as a way in which their vision of retirement has changed: 16%

Today’s rising prices mean many folks can barely afford necessities, let alone save for the future. And if you cannot save money, retirement shifts categories from “dream” to outright “fantasy.”

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3. They will have to work longer or likely never retire

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Respondents who cited this as a way in which their vision of retirement has changed: 10%

Some folks now fear they will have to work longer than planned. Others despair that they might need to work right up to their final day.

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Other factors affecting visions of retirement

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Here are the rest of the ways that Americans say their vision of retirement is changing:

  • Affected by the economy/stock market: 9%
  • Re-evaluated lifestyle, travel plans or living arrangements in retirement: 8%
  • Affected by current political administration: 7%
  • Influenced by health issues/cost: 6%
  • Lost job/income: 5%
  • Changed budget or investments: 4%
  • Changed retirement age: 4%
  • Question the sustainability of Social Security: 3%

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