8 Reasons Why Single-Family Homes for Rent Are Ideal for Families

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Demand for single-family homes for rent is surging throughout the U.S.

From increasing home prices making it harder than ever to get on the property ladder to the need for greater flexibility, there are plenty of reasons why this might be the case.

As a result, more and more families are turning to detached single-family homes rather than condo rentals or purchasing a house outright. But is it the right choice for you and your family?

If you’re on the fence, check out the following reasons why a single-family rental might be your ideal move.

1. More Bedrooms and Bathrooms

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As your family grows and the kids get older, it’s more important than ever for everyone to have their own space. Single-family rentals tend to offer more bedrooms than condos or apartments, making them a top choice for growing families.

On the subject of growing families, as the number of mouths to feed increases, so too does the queue for the bathroom in the morning.

A single-family home will typically be better equipped for this than a condo, with many boasting en-suites or at least two separate toilet rooms.

2. More Space to Relax

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A happy home is not just about finding space for everyone to sleep and wash though. If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught people anything, it’s that living in a larger space has major benefits.

When everyone is able to do their own thing without disrupting other family members, it often results in a happier, more harmonious home.

Basically, the more room there is to move within your home, the better it is for the mental health of you and your family.

3. More Privacy

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In the same vein, by offering more space to relax within the home, single-family homes for rent generally provide more privacy for their inhabitants than an apartment might.

Children can relax in their rooms or the lounge, while parents can enjoy socializing in the kitchen, for example.

Likewise, for those working from home, it’s normally much easier to find a dedicated and private space for a home office in a single-family home than a condo unit.

4. More Outdoor Space

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Very few condos or apartments offer much in the way of private outdoor space. Single-family homes, meanwhile, typically boast a front and a back yard.

Not only is this a safe place for the kids to play and enjoy the fresh air, but it’s also great for adults.

Ideal for hosting BBQ parties or taking up gardening, access to your own outdoor space can be an invaluable benefit for families. It’s also a great advantage for pet owners.

5. More Affordable Than Home Ownership

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One of the main reasons why single-family homes for rent are becoming so popular is that rising home prices across the U.S. have made it far more difficult for potential buyers to seal the deal.

People who might’ve been able to buy a home just a few years ago may find they no longer qualify for a mortgage. While this is a disappointment for anyone who has spent years building up to homeownership, renting a larger home can have many benefits.

Since there’s no need to pay a large down payment, plus all the other hidden costs of buying a home, you’ll typically be able to spend a little more on renting a larger detached unit in a desirable location.

This gives you all the lifestyle perks of living in a single-family home without the cost and financial burden of homeownership.

6. More Peaceful Environment

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Many single-family rental homes are located away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city, providing a peaceful environment that’s ideal for young children.

Single-family rentals also offer the advantage of peace and quiet: There’s less noise coming from the neighbors because they’re farther away.

Essentially, your home and the land it sits on is just for you and your family, providing peace and privacy.

7. More Flexibility

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Over the last few years, lifestyle habits have changed considerably for a lot of people, particularly when it comes to work. For many, being physically present in the office every day is a thing of the past.

As a result, people who can work remotely no longer need to live in cramped condos close to their place of work. Instead, they can live in a spacious home outside of the city and work from their own home office.

Commuting can be a thing of the past, and the same goes for the hours upon hours wasted just sitting in your car, waiting to get to work and then back home.

But more importantly, when it comes to choosing a single-family rental rather than buying a home, renting offers far more flexibility to cater to a changing lifestyle.

You’ll no longer need to be glued to your home and if the need to relocate arises, it’s much quicker and easier to manage if you’re renting.

8. More Personal Connection to Your Landlord

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Many single-family rentals are managed directly by the owner. As a result, it’s often easier to build a more personal relationship with your landlord, which can have many benefits. Owner-managers are:

  • Typically quicker to resolve issues since it’s their own home.
  • Often more understanding in case of problems.
  • More likely to allow you to put your stamp on the place.
  • Less likely to stick rigidly to rules and penalties.

Most importantly, these advantages give you the peace of mind that your landlord is a real human being who you can talk to about problems when they arise.

The increased demand for single family rentals has largely come about as a result of economic and lifestyle changes. Many families no longer feel that homeownership is the ultimate goal and instead see the various benefits of continuing to rent.

With money saved on not purchasing property, they’re able to afford larger, detached homes, without the burdens and commitments that come with ownership.

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