Sticker Shock — The Cost of Insuring Teen Drivers in All 50 States

Your teen passed the test and got the license. Now the big question: how much will your auto insurance premiums spike? We've got a state-by-state rundown.

African American teen driving with his father.pixelheadphoto digitalskillet /

Between the food they eat and the clothes they wear, teens can be expensive. If you have one ready to hit the road, get ready to shell out even more cash.

On average, parents nationwide will see their auto insurance premiums jump 77 percent once they add a teen driver to a policy. That’s according to an annual survey of insurance data by However, the 2017 rate increases are almost double that in some states. “Even if they are good drivers, [teens] don’t get the benefit of the doubt,” says Laura Adams, senior insurance analyst for

Other parents luck out by living in states where, thanks to a combination of insurance regulations, favorable teen driving statistics and low vehicle values, teens don’t cost nearly as much. Here’s a breakdown of the average cost to add a teen driver in each of the 50 states, and the District of Columbia, starting with the most affordable.


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