12 Stocking Stuffers To Buy at Costco

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Couple shopping at Costco during the Christmas holiday season
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When it comes to holiday shopping, sometimes it’s easier to buy the presents that go under the tree rather than the ones that go into the stockings hung by the chimney with care.

Finding items that are small, inexpensive and durable enough to spend the night crammed under other goodies can be tough. Fortunately, warehouse club Costco offers plenty of options for people of all ages. And remember, shipping is one of the things that, in some situations, members can get for free from Costco.

Many Costco items can be purchased online by nonmembers, but you’ll want to pony up for a membership to get the best prices.

However you shop, here are some stocking stuffer suggestions to consider.

Chewing gum or mints

Chewing gum at Costco
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Do you need a dozen boxes of gum for yourself? Probably not. But if you have a lot of stockings to fill, Costco’s bulk packs can be a cheap way to fill space. And if gum isn’t your family’s thing, you’ll find several brands of mints for sale at the warehouse club, too.

Lip balm

Lip balm at Costco
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Almost everyone can use lip balm, and it’s a virtual necessity in cold climates where dry weather can result in uncomfortable, chapped lips.

Costco offers a selection of lip balm value packs — from Carmex, Chapstick and EOS — that make for inexpensive stocking stuffers when you consider the per-unit cost.

Dog toys

Dog in a Christmas stocking
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Does Fido have his own stocking? Or maybe someone in your house is a dog lover. Either way, Costco has a two-pack of squeaker toys and multi-packs of durable Nylabone chew toys.

Nontoxic dryer balls

Wool dryer balls
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For the domestic goddess in your life (or god, as the case may be), Nellie’s Lamby Dryerballs can be a fun addition to a stocking. They serve a practical purpose but also have a nice aesthetic. What’s more, they aren’t necessarily the type of thing that people often think to buy for themselves.

Candy or chocolate

Costco's Kirkland Signature chocolates
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It wouldn’t be Christmas without candy, and Costco has no shortage of options. Warehouse clubs are stocked with containers of salted caramels, boxes of assorted chocolates and bags of truffles.

Sticky notes

People placing post-it notes on glass
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Sticky notes — more commonly known by the brand name Post-it — are another welcome stocking stuffer for all ages. Kids love being able to doodle and post their creations wherever they want while adults find them useful for both personal and work purposes. Costco has them in assorted colors and sizes.

Golf or tennis balls

Golf shoes and club
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When you are stumped for stocking stuffers, you can’t go wrong with golf balls or tennis balls for those who play those sports. Sure, they are a bit impersonal, but they are oh-so practical. And that’s what makes them so perfect.

Snack food

Costco's Kirkland Signature Variety Snack Box
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Candy seems to be the go-to holiday treat for stockings, but sometimes you want to balance out all that sweet with a little salty. For that, Costco stocks plenty of granola bars, energy bars and trail mixes to buy in bulk.

If you are looking for the most bang for your buck, a Kirkland Signature variety pack can be an economical choice. It includes a good mix of items at a cost that works out to well under $1 apiece.


Emergen-C vitamin C supplement
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With influenza, COVID-19 and RSV circulating this time of year, tucking some vitamin C into stockings might be a smart move.

Costco sells Emergen-C drink mixes in bulk, and while there is no guarantee it will keep you healthy, plenty of studies tout the benefits of vitamin C, including its ability to boost the immune system.


Woman checking her mailbox
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With so many of us relying on digital technology to communicate and pay bills nowadays, stamps may seem like a quaint gift. However, they will certainly be appreciated by anyone who still sends Christmas cards or letters via snail mail.

If you buy stamps at Costco, you won’t get much of a discount compared with the current going price. But getting them from the warehouse club can save you time and a trip to the post office.

Hand warmers

Hand warmer
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This is another great gift for those in cold climates. These handy little packets can be tucked away in gloves and mittens to keep your hands toasty for up to eight hours.

These are great for those who work or play outside, but your gift recipient doesn’t have to be an ice fisherman to use them. Anyone who goes sledding with the kids, likes to take walks or goes shopping at an outdoor mall will appreciate this stocking stuffer.

Small candles

Candles next to a houseplant
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For many people, a candle is the perfect, consumable gift. It’s something they can use, enjoy and then toss or recycle. Unlike candy, candles won’t help the recipient pack on pounds, and in the event they don’t like candles, it can be easily regifted.

Costco shoppers will find both traditional and flameless candles at the warehouse club. There are a variety of scents and styles available.

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