The 30 Most Generous Cities in the United States

Which U.S. cities have big, giving hearts? This study shows where charities are raising the most money and handling it best. See if your city made the cut.

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Americans love to give, even those of us who are not rich. Giving makes us feel good and, beyond that, allows us to make deductions from our taxable income. These donations help fill the coffers of charitable organizations across the country — among them food banks, animal rescue groups, environmental protection groups and other nonprofits.

Where, though, is the money raised and used most effectively?

For the past 12 years, independent watchdog organization Charity Navigator has been ranking the 30 largest U.S. metro areas according to their philanthropy.

The total value of donations raised by charities in each city is just one factor considered in the ranking. Charity Navigator also analyzes the inner workings of the cities’ largest nonprofits — including their financial, accountability and transparency practices — as well as “size metrics,” which include nonprofits’ expenses and revenues, assets and liabilities and CEO compensation.

The Charity Navigator rankings essentially give you a snapshot of each city’s generosity, as well as the health and efficiency of its nonprofit scene. Can you guess where your metro area ranks?

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