The 35 Least-Walkable Cities in America

Many cities are making it easier for residents to walk to work, school and entertainment. But these towns rank as the least "foot-friendly" in America.

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As the real estate market changes to keep up with buyers’ needs, “walkability” — a term describing how easily residents can walk to and from home, work, school, errands, restaurants and entertainment — becomes ever more attractive.

Walk Score is a business that measures and scores the walkability of an address, a neighborhood or a city. Type any address into Walk Score to see its walkability score. Walkability is so hot that online real-estate market Zillow includes a Walk Score in its property listings, and sellers of homes often tout their properties’ walkable features.

Here are the 35 least-walkable American cities with populations over 200,000, with their Walk Score ratings and population numbers. Although these towns have the worst track records for walkability, many are working to improve.

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