The Most Expensive Home For Sale in Every State

The Most Expensive Home For Sale in Every State

Photo: ZillowPhoto: Zillow

Do you have a hankering for a mansion, or just like to window shop the luxury market? We recently contacted the folks at Zillow and asked if they’d help us assemble a list of the most expensive home listings in every state, plus Washington, D.C. Here are the results, ranked from the lowest high price — a mere $2.75 million for a swanky home in North Dakota — to the priciest property on the market, in California, offered for a cool $135 million. There’s a link to every listing, so you can peruse the rooms and features of each home and, of course, see where to mail your check.

And if you’re interested in living in a home like this, it might be more possible than you think: “How to Live in Luxurious Homes for Free.”

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