10 Things to Buy at Dollar Tree for the Summer

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Dollar Tree store
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You can blow through a lot of cash getting ready for summer. But there’s no need to.

If you want to buy all the stuff you need to enjoy long summer days and balmy nights while sticking to a budget, add a shopping spree at Dollar Tree to your errand list.

The nationwide chain made its mark for decades by offering its famous $1 price point for groceries, household essentials and more. In recent years, Dollar Tree raised its price point to $1.25 but also expanded its product line to include $3 and $5 items. Still, bargains at Dollar Tree stores abound.

Read on for some of the best things to buy at Dollar Tree for the summer.

Beach towels

Beach towel from Dollar Tree
Deb Hipp / Money Talks News

Price: $5

Dollar Tree didn’t list beach towels on its website when I checked at the end of April, but I found 100% cotton beach towels like the one pictured above for $5 apiece at all three Dollar Tree stores I visited then.

Admittedly, these aren’t thick, luxury beach towels. They’re thin and lightweight, but good for draping over a beach chair or toweling off after taking a swim. And when they wear out, these large towels are great for drying off pets on a rainy day.

Sun readers

Reader sunglasses from Dollar Tree
Deb Hipp / Money Talks News

Price: $1.50

If you love to read at the beach or pool but don’t want to scratch your usual reading glasses with sand or smudge them with sunscreen, these affordable sun readers get the job done while helping shield your eyes from the sun. They come in about 20 different styles, so it’s easy to find a pair or two to stash in your beach or pool tote or your suitcase.

Gardening tools and supplies

Gardening tools from Dollar Tree
Deb Hipp / Money Talks News

Price: $1.25 per item

You’ll find pruning shears, cultivators, foam knee pads and many other gardening tools and supplies for just over a dollar each at Dollar Tree.

The chain’s website offers a small selection of one-size-fits-most nitrile-coated garden gloves. But when I shopped at my local Dollar Tree, I also found a large assortment of colorful print garden gloves like those pictured above.

Tote bags

Tote bag from Dollar Tree
Deb Hipp / Money Talks News

Price: $1.25

The extra-large reusable tote bag pictured above has a fun boat shape for summer trips to the beach or pool or vacation destinations. It’s made with soft polypropylene fabric and available in four different inspirational message prints to keep you positive. But it’s not just for summer activities. Try it at the grocery store instead of single-use plastic bags that could end up in a landfill or floating in the ocean.

Dollar Tree also offers a wide variety of other reusable totes and bags, including plastic carrying totes, polyester tote bags with pockets, and totes featuring cartoon and movie characters.

Celebration supplies

Party and gift supplies from Dollar Tree
Deb Hipp / Money Talks News

Price: $1.25 in most cases

From Father’s Day and Pride Month to Juneteenth and Independence Day, summer is full of holidays and celebrations. Fortunately, Dollar Tree has you covered with party supplies, gift wrap and decorations.

You’ll find holiday- and summer-themed tablecloths, wrapping paper, and paper plates and napkins. Not to mention cocktail umbrellas, colorful summer party baskets, birthday and Juneteenth yard signs, and plastic pink flamingos.

In short, Dollar Tree’s holiday and party supplies are too many to list, most at the low price of $1.25.

At that price, you may have money left over to provide party guests with fun items like patriotic leis or summer-themed tumblers.

Citronella incense sticks

Citronella incense sticks from Dollar Tree
Deb Hipp / Money Talks News

Price: $1.25 per pack

The last thing you want when relaxing on the back deck is the high-pitched buzz of a mosquito in your ear or a series of bug bites all over your body. That’s where these citronella incense sticks may help.

Reviewers on the Dollar Tree website gave these sticks 5 out of 5 stars and glowing reviews. When I tried out these slow-burning sticks, they had a pleasant smell and lasted about two hours.

The price is low but the package contains only six citronella incense sticks. So this product may be a good way to find out how well this type of mosquito deterrent works before buying a bulk package from a different brand on Amazon. Or you may like these incense sticks so much that you stock up on them for the summer.

Barbecue supplies

Grill tools from Dollar Tree
Deb Hipp / Money Talks News

Price: $1.25 per item

Don’t sweat the cost of tongs, forks, spatulas for barbecuing or tools for cleaning your grill this summer. Instead, free up money to spend on meats, fish or veggies to grill by buying barbecue supplies at Dollar Tree for just over a buck each. Other examples I found in stores include basting brushes and skewers. These affordable barbecue supplies will make you the top dog of backyard grilling.

Sports balls

Sports ball from Dollar Tree
Deb Hipp / Money Talks News

Price: $5

Nothing says summer like kids kicking a soccer ball around the yard with a dog chasing behind. These 8.5-inch sports balls are fun for pool volleyball or other yard or pool games. They come in several colors.

Water bottles

Water bottle from Dollar Tree
Deb Hipp / Money Talks News

Price: $1.25

Don’t spend $10 or more on a water bottle to stay hydrated on hot summer days when you can chug from one of Dollar Tree’s colorful water bottles. Depending on the style, water bottle capacities range from 13 ounces to 34 ounces and come in various colors and print designs. You’ll find plenty of lid options, including screw tops, flip tops and those with a built-in straw.

To stay on top of your hydration goals, try Dollar Tree’s 34-ounce time-marked water bottle with a strap for carrying (pictured above). These bottles are marked from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and also from 2 to 7 p.m. to help encourage you to drink water throughout the day.


Flip-flops from Dollar Tree
Deb Hipp / Money Talks News

Price: $1.25 per pair in almost all cases (including the pair pictured above), though a couple of options cost $5 per pair

Looking for a pair of flip-flops for hanging out at the pool, beach or just around the house? You’ll find a wide selection of these popular summer shoes at Dollar Tree, available in solid colors and fun summer prints.

No one is left out of the store’s flip-flop line, either. Dollar Tree has flip-flops in plenty of styles for adults and children. Toddler flips-flop even come with a heel strap.

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