Older woman on a park bench suffering heart pain or difficulty breathing
5 of the Worst Foods for Your Heart

on November 23, 2022

Plenty of evidence points to these being particularly risky for heart health.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
8 Great Small Towns to Retire In

on November 1, 2022

Whether you want scenic views, lower costs or simply a slower pace in your golden years, small-town living has a lot going for it.

couple going over their finances
9 Signs Your Retirement Is on Track

on October 29, 2022

Here’s how you know if you’ll be ready to retire one day.

Hacker on the phone and computer using stolen data
Here’s What Hackers Can Do With Your Social Security Number

on October 25, 2022

Your number can be stolen through no fault of your own, with dire consequences.

Stressed woman dealing with a phone scam on her smartphone
6 Things Scammers Do With Your Cellphone Number

on October 17, 2022

Calling to rip you off is only the beginning.

Man shrugging with a guilty or sheepish look on his face
7 Guilty Pleasures That Are Draining Your Bank Account

on October 13, 2022

It’s just a dollar here, a dollar there — until it’s not.

Man reading a book at home
9 Clever Ways to Hide Valuables Around the House

on September 21, 2022

The days of hiding money beneath the mattress are long gone.

Man cutting vegetables in kitchen sink and using garbage disposal
11 Things You Should Never Put in a Garbage Disposal

on September 20, 2022

It’s easy to not think about what you’re doing, but it can cost you later.

Tennis ball used to hide valuables
8 Smart Ways to Use Tennis Balls Around the House

on August 2, 2022

These tips are so practical that you might want to go out and buy some tennis balls if you don’t have any on hand.

Woman upcyling denim jeans
8 Surprising Things You Can Upcycle

on July 27, 2022

You can end up with some pretty cool stuff that makes you proud of your ingenuity while keeping waste out of landfills.

7 Things You Should Never Throw in the Trash
7 Things You Should Never Throw in the Trash

on July 21, 2022

Here’s how to dispose of these items the responsible way.

Ikea store
5 Things You Might Want to Avoid at Ikea

on June 30, 2022

Sometimes, it’s worth spending a little more.

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