This Is What Milk Cost the Year You Were Born

Oh how the times have changed. You won't believe how cheap milk was in the ‘60s and what the prices are doing now.

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Nothing makes us quite so nostalgic as thinking about how much things cost back in the good old days. So let’s take a trip down memory lane and consider the cost of something you might use every day: milk.

To do that, we’ve looked to the National Agricultural Statistical Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It has figures for the national average price per hundredweight of milk for the years 1960-2016. We broke it down to a per gallon price (by assuming 11.63 gallons of milk per hundredweight, and then rounding to the nearest cent.)

Now, these numbers represent how much farmers got paid for their milk, not how much you would pay in the store. The average retail price for a gallon of fresh whole milk is available from the University of Wisconsin-Madison starting with the year 1995. So if you’re 22 or younger, you’ll see those prices for your birth year as well.

So let’s see: How much did milk cost the year you were born?

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