What Company Earns the Most in Your State?

Some states' big-revenue companies are familiar names. Others — from chicken farms and coal mining to computers and candy makers — will surprise you.

Gutesa / Shutterstock.com

Do you know which company in your state makes the most money? In some states, it might be obvious. Amazon dominates Washington state these days, and General Motors has long been a Michigan powerhouse.

HowMuch.net, which gathers and illustrates financial data, used company filings and estimates of private company figures from 2017 to list the largest company in every state, by total revenue. Some of the results might surprise you. You’ll find plenty of insurance companies, of course, but also chicken farms and coal-mining operations. There are also a few consumer-product companies that you may interact with daily — if you wear Nikes or use Apple computers or smartphones.

Here’s a look at each state, in alphabetical order, with its top-earning company.


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