12 Winter Essentials to Buy at Costco

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Costco store in winter
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Costco shoppers can rely on specific products to always be on hand year-round, from the retailer’s popular rotisserie chicken to its Kirkland signature paper products to the iconic $1.50 hot-dog-and-soda combo.

But the beloved wholesale club also has a seasonally changing lineup of products, from trick-or-treat candy and Halloween costumes in fall, to swimsuits and patio furniture in summer.

Winter is no exception. Whether you live in an area where snow and ice are frequent, or you are simply preparing for the winter holidays, Costco offers a surprisingly wide array of goods that are handy during the winter. Some are available online only, while others you will find in warehouses as well.

Here’s a look at the most indispensable products at Costco this time of year.

Hot cocoa

Swiss Miss hot chocolate at Costco
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Warm up on the inside with Costco’s hot cocoa options. Current options include Swiss Miss, in 50-envelope boxes, and Starbucks, in giftable tins.

Don’t miss the A’cappella hot chocolate BevBombs, molded chocolate that melts away in your hot beverage and spills out tasty mini marshmallows.


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Dry air can be a real problem in the winter. Humidifiers add moisture, helping to prevent the dryness that can be so irritating to the skin, nose, lips and more. Costco offers numerous brands and types of humidifiers, including this sleek two-pack with optional soft-glow night lights.

Christmas decor

Christmas decorations at Costco
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If you celebrate Christmas, Costco can be your one-stop shop. The store offers Christmas trees, ornaments and decorations, as well as wreaths and garland. And when the holiday’s over and it’s time to put everything away, Costco has storage options, even for artificial trees.

Hand warmers

Hand warmer
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Whether you’re skiing, skating, or just enjoying the outdoors, you’ll want to stay out longer if your hands aren’t freezing. Stock up on Little Hotties hand warmers, which offer up to eight hours of heat per pack. Costco even sells toe warmers, not to mention a Little Hotties dryer for wet gloves and shoes.

Cold and flu aids

Costco Kirkland Signature mucus relief medication
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Yes, colds and flu are more common in winter, even though germs are present year-round. Stock up on remedies now so you’ll have them when needed. Costco sells cough drops, syrup and suppressants as well as other cold and flu remedies.


Patio heater
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When you need a bit more than cocoa or the holiday spirit to warm you up, check out Costco’s large variety of heaters. Space heaters are a good basic option, while patio heaters will help you crank up the temperature outside. And if you want to blend the old-fashioned with the modern, peruse Costco’s selection of electric fireplaces, many of which double as TV consoles.

Holiday gifts and stocking stuffers

Gifts for holiday
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Stumped by someone on your gift list? Costco has you covered. Creative types will love the many arts and crafts kits, and a massive gift basket selection will meet the needs of those gift recipients who seem to have everything. Just need a small stocking stuffer? Here are several ideas.

Ice and snow removers

Shoveling snow
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Snow can be thrilling to play in, and ice wonderful for skaters. But you don’t necessarily want either on your car or sidewalk. Keep your vehicle ice-free with a windshield cover and an oh-so-necessary window scraper. To keep those walks and steps clean, Costco has plenty of shovels, blowers and plows to choose from. And finish off the shoveling job with a hearty sprinkle of pet-safe ice melt.

Winter clothing

Man in winter clothing
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Midwesterners like to say there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Costco is ready – here you can stock up on winter-ready coats, gloves, scarves and warm hats.

Winter bedding

Bed with comforter or quilt and fluffy pillows
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Bedtime is a good time to turn down the heat in your house and save money accordingly. But that’s easier said than done if your bed isn’t cozy and warm. Costco offers plenty of items to help make your bed a snug oasis, including flannel sheets, down and down-alternative comforters, and electric blankets and heating pads.

Fitness gear

Woman lifting weights in a gym
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Many people resolve to get fit, lose weight or gain muscle in a new year. You can buy a gym membership at Costco, or you can enjoy the convenience of a well-stocked home gym. Costco sells various types of exercise equipment and weights so you can pursue that resolution without having to leave the house.

Valentine’s Day flowers

Happy woman getting flowers
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Feb. 14 will be here before you know it. Costco is an often-overlooked floral option, selling plenty of themed bouquets, vase arrangements, floral centerpieces and more. Many of the options can be delivered. Check the retailer’s site when the holiday is closer for even more options.

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