A Third of Americans Would Rather Give Up Sex Than Cellphones

It’s no secret that Americans have a love affair with their cellphones. But this may surprise you: If forced to choose between a year without sex or a year without a cellphone, nearly a third of Americans said they’d give up sex.

Those were the results of a survey by Boston Consulting Group. According to Bloomberg, the survey also revealed that Americans would be willing to give up the following for a year to keep their phones:

  • Eating out. More than half (55 percent) of respondents said they’d forgo dining out for a year rather than give up their phone.
  • Vacation. About 45 percent said they’d relinquish their vacation before giving up their phone. Wow.
  • Friends. “More than three in 10 would stop seeing their friends in person” for a year to keep from surrendering their phone, Bloomberg said.
  • Days off. Nearly half (46 percent) of Americans said they’d work an extra day each week to keep their phone.

Americans are far from alone when it comes to their infatuation with their phones. The survey, which was commissioned by Qualcomm Inc., was also conducted in Germany, Brazil, South Korea, India and China.

Nearly a third of Germans, like Americans, picked their phone over sex. Three in five South Koreans said their phones take precedence over sexual contact for a year. But in Brazil, just 25 percent said they’d pick their phone over sex. Bloomberg said:

Consumers in China and India weren’t asked about the sex versus phone trade-off. About two-thirds of Indians and more than 55 percent of Chinese said they’d prefer to give up a day off per week for a year than lose their mobile phone for that period.

We seem to have an unhealthy dependence on our cellphones these days. Although I’d love to say I’d give up my phone for a year without a fight, I couldn’t do it. But putting my phone before sex, vacation and my friends? That’s taking things too far.

What do you think of the survey results? What would you give up to keep your phone? Share your comments below or on our Facebook page.

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