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The 10 Cities Where Seniors Rely on Social Security the Most

on March 6, 2019

Retirees in these U.S. cities depend heavily on Social Security benefits to fund their golden years.

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17 Surprising Facts About Social Security

on December 16, 2018

You may think you know all about Social Security but do you know these 17 things?

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2019 Social Security Bump Is Biggest in 7 Years for Retirees

on December 15, 2018

Find out how large of an increase you can expect next year.

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Boost Your Social Security Check With This Overlooked Strategy

on December 9, 2018

Are you among the retirees ignoring this tactic for increasing their Social Security benefits payment?

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Ask Stacy: Where Can I Get Social Security Advice?

on November 6, 2018

Choosing the proper claiming strategy can mean thousands more in Social Security money over your lifetime. Here’s how to find an inexpensive expert who can help.

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2-Minute Money Manager: Should I Wait to Take Social Security?

on August 3, 2018

Many financial advisers say you should always wait until age 70 to collect Social Security. They’re wrong. Here’s why.

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Why Social Security Benefits Are Worth Even Less Than You Think

on June 26, 2018

The value of Social Security income is a lot less than you think, according to a new study. Find out the best way to boost your lifestyle in retirement.

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Ask Stacy: Will the New Tax Law Impact My Social Security?

on June 18, 2018

Some seniors will pay more taxes under the new tax law, some less. Here’s how to know what’s going to happen to you.

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Plan to Delay Social Security Benefits? Don’t Let 2 Myths Fool You

on June 8, 2018

Delaying the start of your Social Security benefits often is the right choice. But before you go down this road, make sure you aren’t falling for these two myths.

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10 Countries Where You Can Really Stretch a Social Security Check

on March 23, 2018

Living expenses in these nations would cost only a fraction of your Social Security payment — leaving you hundreds of dollars to spare each month.

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Ask Stacy: Can I Work While Getting Social Security?

on March 9, 2018

There’s nothing wrong with earning a little extra income to supplement those Social Security payments. Or is there?

This Is the Best Way to Guard Your Social Security From Thieves
This Is the Best Way to Guard Your Social Security From Thieves

on February 5, 2018

Phony Social Security calls and websites are on the rise. Both retirees and workers must be vigilant.

When Marriage Costs You Social Security Income

on January 30, 2018

The amount of Social Security benefits you’re able to claim upon retirement depends in part on your marital history.

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This Could Be the Best Reason Not to Claim Social Security Early

on January 29, 2018

Working longer can give you a fatter nest egg. But there’s an even better argument for not retiring early.

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5 Unique Features of Social Security Income — and Why You Should Delay It

on January 8, 2018

Social Security benefits are immune to more types of risk than other sources of retirement income. So, it’s critical that you maximize the size of your checks.

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