The 2 Types of Music That Most Improve Dog Behavior

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If Fido’s behavior is lacking, consider turning on some reggae or soft rock.

New research out of Scotland’s University of Glasgow and the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals found that these two genres led to the most positive behavior changes in dogs.

Neil Evans — a professor at the university’s Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine — explains:

“Overall, the response to different genres was mixed, highlighting the possibility that like humans, our canine friends have their own individual music preferences. That being said, reggae music and soft rock showed the highest positive changes in behaviour.”

The research was conducted at the SPCA center in Dumbarton, Scotland. Now the Scottish SPCA plans to invest in sound systems for any of its kennels that don’t already have one.

The researchers investigated how five music genres affected kenneled dogs:

  • Soft rock
  • Motown
  • Pop
  • Reggae
  • Classical

Regardless of the genre played, the researchers found that dogs spent “significantly more time lying and significantly less time standing when music was played,” according to the study.

When reggae and soft rock were played, dogs had “significantly higher” heart-rate variability, an indication of decreased stress. This effect was also noticeable but to a lesser extent when the other three genres were played.

For more canine insights, check out:

Does your dog have a favorite music genre? Tell us about any experiences you’ve had with dogs and music — leave a note below or on Facebook.

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