This Year’s 25 Highest-Paying Jobs in the Country

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The best-paying jobs in 2016 reflect a mix of the traditional and the technological.

As might be expected, the position of medical doctor ranks No. 1, with a median base salary of $180,000, according to recent data from job-review website Glassdoor.

Lawyer is No. 2, with a salary of $144,500. Pharmacy manager and pharmacist are both among the top 25.

A variety of top-paying positions are in the information technology field. They include software development manager (with a median base salary of $132,000) and information systems manager (with a salary of $106,000).

Glassdoor chief economist Andrew Chamberlain explains that tech jobs and health care jobs are among the best-paying because higher pay is tied to in-demand skills and higher levels of education.

Of course, high-paying jobs aren’t necessarily tied to high job satisfaction.

Chamberlain explains, referencing Glassdoor research published last year:

“Our research shows that a big paycheck isn’t necessarily tied to long-term satisfaction in your job. Instead, when we dig deeper into what keeps employees satisfied once they’re in a job and with a company, we find that culture and values, career opportunities, and trust in senior leadership are the biggest drivers of employee satisfaction.”

The top-paying positions on Glassdoor’s latest list are:

  • Physician: median base salary of $180,000
  • Lawyer: $144,500
  • Research and development manager: $142,120
  • Software development manager: $132,000
  • Pharmacy manager: $130,000
  • Strategy manager: $130,000
  • Software architect: $128,250
  • Integrated circuit designer engineer: $127,500
  • IT manager: $120,000
  • Solutions architect: $120,000
  • Engagement manager: $120,000
  • Applications development manager: $120,000
  • Pharmacist: $118,000
  • Systems architect: $116,920
  • Finance manager: $115,000
  • Data scientist: $115,000
  • Risk manager: $115,000
  • Creative director: $115,000
  • Actuary: $115,000
  • Data architect: $113,000
  • Tax manager: $110,000
  • Product manager: $107,000
  • Design manager: $106,500
  • Analytics manager: $106,000
  • Information systems manager: $106,000

This ranking is based on salary reports shared on Glassdoor by U.S.-based employees over the past year.

Based on the number of active job openings on Glassdoor as of late February, the most in-demand of the 25 highest-paying jobs are:

  1. Product manager: 7,758 job openings
  2. Pharmacist: 4,502
  3. Software development manager: 3,495
  4. IT manager: 3,152
  5. Solutions architect: 2,838

What’s your take on the types of positions that comprise the nation’s best-paying jobs this year? Share your thoughts in a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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