These 8 Apps Destroy Battery Life, Data and Storage

These 8 Apps Destroy Battery Life, Data and Storage
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Have you ever wondered how you deplete your smartphone battery life so quickly, or how you use up storage or data so fast? Take a look at your app habits.

A recent report from software company Avast reveals which apps are the worst offenders for these common smartphone user gripes.

The findings are based on data from 3 million Android devices.

Top resource-draining mobile apps

When it comes to draining battery life, Avast found that the worst apps are:

  1. Beaming Service for Samsung
  2. Samsung WatchON
  3. Netflix

As for your phone’s storage space, the apps that take up the most space are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Spotify
  3. Instagram

As for your cellphone plan’s mobile data, the apps that use the most data are:

  1. Google Talkback
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram

Avast also looked specifically at apps that run in the background, meaning they are actively running on your phone even when you’re not actively using them.

Among those apps, Samsung’s AllShare app sucks up the most battery life, mobile data and storage combined. Samsung describes this app as enabling you to share content — like videos and photos — across multiple smart devices wirelessly.

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What you can do about resource-draining apps

Avast’s rankings aren’t just informative, they’re actionable. The company explains:

“Knowing this, users can make better decisions when it comes to the apps they download and can optimize settings to avoid drained batteries, maximize storage space, and prevent excessive data usage.”

For example, we’ve detailed how tweaking the settings in your Facebook app — or deleting the app — can boost your smartphone’s battery life.

Which apps have you noticed drain your smartphone’s resources fastest? And have you found ways around it? Share your experience with us by commenting below or over on our Facebook page.

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