The Most Reliable Airlines In The World

Which airline is No. 1? Where did U.S. carriers finish? Find out.

The Most Reliable Airlines In The World Photo (cc) by andrewmalone

The world’s most reliable airline is Qatar Airways, according to a recent analysis by WanderBat.

The airline is based in the small, wealthy Middle Eastern country of Qatar and flies to more than 144 destinations.

It received what WanderBat calls a “Smart Rating” of 100.

These ratings are based on three factors:

  • How often flights are on time, delayed and canceled.
  • The number of bags that can be checked for free and the cost of checking additional bags.
  • Average fleet age. (Newer fleets tend to be more comfortable, clean and quiet.)

When multiple airlines received the same rating, WanderBat determined their ranking based on the companies’ percentage of on-time flights.

Out of 22 airlines that made WanderBat’s most-reliable list, only one company is based in the United States: Southwest Airlines, which received a rating of 84 and ranked No. 17.

The top 10 most reliable airlines are:

  1. Qatar Airways, Qatar (rating: 100)
  2. Emirates Airline, United Arab Emirates (97)
  3. China Eastern Airlines, China (97)
  4. Singapore Airlines, Singapore (96)
  5. China Southern Airlines, China (93)
  6. Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopia (92)
  7. Air China, China (92)
  8. British Airways, United Kingdom (91)
  9. Saudia, Saudi Arabia (90)
  10. Cathay Pacific, China (90)

Cathay Pacific (No. 3), Emirates (No. 5), Singapore Airlines (No. 6) and British Airways (No. 10) also made‘s list of the top 10 airlines for 2015. Air New Zealand was ranked No. 1. No American companies made the list.

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