Thousands of Millionaires Moving to 1 Country — and Leaving Another

The world's rich are flocking to one country in particular, while another is distinctly out of favor.

Thousands of Millionaires Moving to 1 Country — and Leaving Another Photo by amophoto_au /

A growing number of millionaires are packing their bags and moving to Australia. The land Down Under welcomed 11,000 millionaire migrants last year, making Australia the top destination for the world’s rich.

That’s according to a new report by wealth research firm New World Wealth. For comparison, 10,000 foreign millionaires moved to the U.S. last year and 3,000 moved to the U.K.

The report reveals that global wealth migration is accelerating, with more than 82,000 millionaires moving to new countries in 2016.

France saw the biggest exodus of rich residents in 2016, losing 12,000 millionaires to other countries, CNN Money reports. Since 2000, France has experienced a net outflow of more than 60,000 millionaires.

Even though the U.S. has slipped in the millionaire migration rankings, Andrew Amoils — head of research at New World Wealth — tells CNN Money that America will remain an attractive destination for the world’s rich.

“We don’t think the new leadership in the U.S. will have a big impact. We expect another big net inflow of high-net worth individuals into the U.S. in 2017.”

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