Turner Launching Streaming Service for Movie Buffs

Turner Launching Streaming Service for Movie Buffs Photo (cc) by Unhindered by Talent

The media company Turner, which owns the Turner Classic Movies cable TV channel, is launching a streaming movie service.

The subscription service is called FilmStruck, and it will be developed and managed by Turner Classic Movies in collaboration with the Criterion Collection, Turner announced Tuesday. It’s scheduled to launch in the fall.

FilmStruck is Turner’s first direct-to-consumer product in the United States, meaning no cable or satellite TV company is acting as an intermediary. It will be ad-free and will allow viewers to watch movies on the device of their choice, according to Turner.

John Martin, chairman and CEO of Turner, says in a news release:

“FilmStruck is a terrific example of our strategy to meet consumer demand for great content across all screens. It’s tailor-made for the die-hard movie enthusiast …”

The service will offer a library of on-demand films from genres like:

  • Contemporary art house films
  • Classic art house films
  • Independent films
  • Foreign films
  • Cult films

Examples of films that will be available include:

  • “Seven Samurai”
  • “A Hard Day’s Night”
  • “A Room With a View”
  • “Blood Simple”
  • “My Life as a Dog”
  • “Mad Max”
  • “Breaker Morant”
  • “The Player”

FilmStruck will also be the only streaming service to offer the Criterion Collection. It is currently available through Hulu but will no longer be available there after November, according to the Criterion Collection.

CNN Money reports that subscription pricing for FilmStruck has yet to be announced, although a Turner spokeswoman said it would be “competitive to other streaming movie services in the marketplace.” CNN is one of the media companies owned by Turner.

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