Use Less Than 3GB of Phone Data Per Month? Try These Plans for Huge Savings

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Do you have the sneaking suspicion that you’re paying for unlimited data despite only using a few gigabytes of data every month?

As long as you keep your phone connected to Wi-Fi whenever you can, you can really stretch your wireless data.

Make sure to connect to public Wi-Fi while you’re out and about, and you’ll have the same internet access as the folks with unlimited cellphone plans.

Then you can get a much cheaper limited-data plan instead and save a bunch of money every month.

If you’re feeling committed to the low-data lifestyle, here are the best data plans that offer 3GB of data or less.

Reach Mobile’s Basic Plan

Reach Mobile doubles as a wireless carrier and something of a charity. Part of your wireless bill contributes to a charity that helps women around the world get connected to the internet.

That being said, Reach Mobile offers affordable cellphone plans that operate on Verizon’s impressive network. You can get a 3GB data plan from Reach Mobile for $15 per month that also comes with unlimited texts and unlimited calls.

If you want to simultaneously pay less for your wireless service, contribute to a charitable service and still be on the country’s best network, Reach makes a lot of sense.

Twigby Wireless Unlimited Talk & Text and 3GB Data

If you want to keep your cost as low as possible, Twigby Wireless offers a 3GB data plan that will only cost you $10 per month.

You’ll still get unlimited talk and unlimited text with your data plan, but you’ll need to keep your data usage to under 3GB every month.

As for network coverage, Twigby currently uses a combination of the late Sprint and Verizon. Considering that Sprint has long since been acquired by T-Mobile, it’s possible that Twigby’s wireless connection will improve, but in the short term it would be wise to assume that your internet coverage will often feel spotty.

As for talk and text, Verizon is the best network in the country, so you can reliably get out a text or make a call in most places around the country. Twigby makes sense for folks who want an inexpensive cellphone plan that offers up some online data, but who mostly use their phones for calling and texting.

US Mobile Unlimited Talk & Text with 1GB Ludicrous Data

If you really want to get wild and reduce your cellphone cost dramatically, you can always opt for a single gigabyte of data.

US Mobile offers a 1GB data plan that comes with unlimited talk and text that only costs you $7 per month.

The best part is that US Mobile uses Verizon’s network, which (as you probably know by now) offers the most reliable coverage in the country. You shouldn’t have an issue getting a call or text out, but you’ll need to be cautious about how you use your data. Thankfully, US Mobile won’t charge you anything extra by going over your data limit; rather, your data just shuts off once your hit your cap.

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