Walmart to Offer Grocery Delivery in 100 Metros

If you live in the right place, Walmart soon will deliver groceries to your door the same day you order them. Here's how it will work — and what it will cost.

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Walmart wants to spare you a trip to the grocery store.

The retail giant announced Wednesday that it will start offering grocery delivery in 100 metropolitan areas across the U.S. by the end of the year.

So, more than 40 percent of households will be able to take advantage of this new option, available for grocery orders placed online or through the Walmart Grocery app. These customers will get to select the best time to receive their orders, which can be delivered as soon as the same day they are ordered.

The service will be available for grocery orders of $30 or more and entail a delivery fee of $9.95. No other costs are involved.

Walmart previously tested out grocery delivery service in six metro areas. More than 800 stores will be used to fulfill delivery orders in the expanded operation.

In a company blog post, Tom Ward, vice president of digital operations for Walmart U.S., describes the new service as “simply the latest result of our ongoing work to help make shopping easier.”

Indeed, Walmart began offering another service aimed at making grocery shopping more convenient — same-day store pickup — for online grocery orders in eight cities back in 2015. The retailer later expanded that service to other areas. Today, it’s available in 1,200 stores and counting.

To roll out delivery to 100 metro areas, Walmart says it will also bring on “thousands” of new personal shoppers, adding to about 18,000 that the retailer already employs. These workers receive special training in how to select the best produce and cuts of meat for online grocery orders.

Once personal shoppers have fulfilled an order, a delivery service will be used to pick up the order and take it to the customer.

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