Watch This — How Graphs and Charts Lie to You

Find out how advertisers, journalists, politicians and others fool you into believing things that aren't true.

Watch This — How Graphs and Charts Lie to You Photo by Asier Romero /

Sometimes, a graph or chart can help clarify a complex issue. But just as often, visual displays of information can mislead.

A new TED-ED video by Lea Gaslowitz explains the questionable techniques that advertisers, journalists and others use to win over hearts and minds.

Spend a few minutes with this video, and you’ll learn how advertisers make trucks appear more reliable than they are and why the Super Bowl might be less popular than you think.

Understanding these techniques will help you see through the haze that often distorts facts in charts and graphs.

Do you agree that graphs and charts are often used to mislead? Sound off by commenting below or on our Facebook page.

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