Watch This: The Secret to Using Just One Paper Towel

With this simple trick, you will never again need to tear off several pieces of paper towel at a time.

Watch This: The Secret to Using Just One Paper Towel Photo by aradaphotography /

Pop quiz: After washing your hands, how many pieces of paper towel do you yank from the roll at home or the dispenser in a public restroom?

Two? Three? However many come out?

If you ever take more than one sheet of paper towel to dry your hands, you’re wasting an awful lot.

Watch this video from TEDx Talks to learn the simple secret to getting your hands completely dry with just one sheet:

To help out the environment and your budget even more, don’t use any paper towels to dry your hands at home. Grab a dish towel, hand towel or other manner of machine-washable cloth instead.

As Donna Freedman once wrote in “How to Make a Roll of Paper Towels Last a Year“:

“Sure, paper towels are convenient. But they’re expensive, too. Why use and toss wads of paper when I can use a piece of cloth, launder it, and use it again? … Call that eco-friendly if you like. I prefer to think of it as common sense.”

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