Why CVS Receipts Are So Long — and How to Stop Them

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Woman checking long receipt
V.S.Anandhakrishna / Shutterstock.com

If you shop at CVS, you probably are too familiar with receiving a miles-long receipt every time you make a purchase.

So, what is the deal with those almost comically extended paper snakes?

According to CNN, the lengthy receipts are a result of CVS’ goal of personalizing offers for those enrolled in its ExtraCare loyalty program.

CNN reports that the receipts go on and on because they offer things like:

  • Personalized rewards
  • Coupons
  • New product suggestions
  • Other benefits

The publication continues:

“No two customers get exactly the same savings and offers, a CVS spokesperson said, as they are tailored based on customers’ past purchases or other inputs — for example, a coupon for allergy products if pollen count is high in that customer’s area.”

No doubt, many shoppers appreciate all of those perks, even if they arrive in the form of a paper anaconda. But if you find the long receipts irritating, you can put a halt to them.

CVS offers what it dubs a “ribbon cutting” that can turn those long paper receipts into more manageable emails. If you make the switch, every time you shop, you will receive a digital receipt — instead of a lengthy paper one — chock-full of the same offers.

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