U.S. Cities Where Women Out-Earn Men

A recent wage analysis found that there are 22 cities in the U.S. where women earn more than men, but there's a downside to most of these markets.

U.S. Cities Where Women Out-Earn Men Photo (cc) by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District

It’s no secret that by-and-large, women earn less than men for doing the same work. But there are some cities across the United States that have bucked the standard gender wage gap trend.

According to a new analysis of full-time median income by personal finance site NerdWallet, there are 22 U.S. cities where women earn more than men. Unfortunately, the overall wage situation in the majority of those cities is rather bleak.

Of the 22 U.S. cities where women’s incomes are higher than men’s, the income median in 19 places is below the nation’s median wages for all workers. In Inglewood, California, where women make 120.6 percent of what men do, median earnings are $25,749, which is $4,705 below the U.S. median.

According to NerdWallet, these are the top 10 cities where women out-earn men by the largest margin:

  1. Inglewood, California Women’s income as a percentage of men’s: 120.6 percent.
  2. Trenton, New Jersey 118.2 percent.
  3. Orlando, Florida 113.3 percent.
  4. Albany, New York 111.3 percent.
  5. Carson, California 109.3 percent.
  6. Hollywood, Florida 109 percent.
  7. Oakland, California 108.8 percent.
  8. Elk Grove, California 105.9 percent.
  9. Hayward, California 104.5 percent.
  10. Miramar, Florida 104.1 percent.

Click here for the full list of 22 cities where women earn more than men.

Oftentimes the gender wage gap is dependent on the field of work. There are nine jobs in which women are (barely) paid more than men.

Though some cities bucked the standard gender wage gap trend, the NerdWallet analysis also found that on average, women are paid just 79 cents for every $1 their male counterpart makes. That’s a yearly loss in wages of nearly $11,686.

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