Yes, There Is a Free Lunch — How to Get Yours Today

All you have to do is download a rewards app to get a mouth-wateringly tasty burger from Mooyah's.

Yes, There Is a Free Lunch — How to Get Yours Today Photo (cc) by kjarrett

Do you have a growling belly and an empty wallet? Or maybe you just love to score free food? Then this free hamburger deal is likely to make both your wallet and your taste buds happy.

Mooyah Burgers, Fries & Shakes, wants to give you one of its mouth-wateringly delicious and fully customizable burgers for free. All you have to do to get the burger is download the Texas-based burger chain’s rewards app. Really. It’s that easy.

The Mooyah Rewards App is part of the fast-casual restaurant chain’s new loyalty program, according to Restaurant News.

In addition to scoring you a free burger, the rewards app keeps track of customers’ Mooyah purchases and rewards them with points for every dollar spent. After a customer collects 100 points, Mooyah will reward them with a $10 credit that can be used on a future purchase at any of its locations (find your nearest Mooyah here).

“With the Mooyah Rewards App, we can now directly engage with our Guests based on their specific purchase history, likes, dislikes, frequency and more,” Natalie Anderson Liu, Mooyah’s director of marketing, told Restaurant News.

Click here for more details on the Mooyah Rewards program.

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Do you sign up for your favorite restaurants’ rewards programs if they offer them? Would you download a rewards app to get a free burger? Share your comments below or on our Facebook page.

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