You Have 10 Days Left to Listen to iTunes Radio for Free

Apple will be folding its free iTunes Radio into Apple Music, according to news reports. Find out how much the new service will cost you.

You Have 10 Days Left to Listen to iTunes Radio for Free Photo (cc) by fdecomite

Apple will discontinue offering its iTunes Radio service for free by the end of the month.

Reuters reports that the publicly traded tech company said iTunes Radio will be folded into Apple Music, which costs $9.99 a month. Beats 1, the global 24/7 radio station, will be the free music option for listeners.

According to Mac Rumors, this change will happen on Jan. 28.

iTunes Radio is Apple’s streaming Internet radio service available only in the U.S. and Australia. Reuters reports that Apple announced iTunes Radio’s debut in 2013 and that the service has been supported by advertisements.

iTunes Radio competes with the free streaming Internet radio service Pandora, which announced in November that it planned to step up its service to compete with on-demand music services from companies such as Spotify and Apple.

Apple Music is Apple’s on-demand streaming service, meaning users can choose specific songs to listen to when they want to listen to them rather than choosing from curated radio stations.

Do you listen to iTunes Radio or other free Internet radio services? How do you feel about Apple making its version available only with a subscription to Apple Music? Let us know what you think below or on our Facebook page.

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