YouTube Without Ads? It’s in the Works

Here are the details so far available on YouTube's plans to move to an ad-free subscription service.

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If you don’t like being forced to watch those pesky ads on YouTube, you’re in luck. YouTube is planning ad-free service. But there’s a catch: You’ll have to pony up a monthly fee to skip the ads.

There is no word yet on how much the service will cost or when it will be launched.

According to Re/code, YouTube is pushing its partners – videomakers who earn money from advertising on their posted video clips – to allow their clips to be included in the ad-free service.

If they don’t, YouTube will make it nearly impossible for a casual visitor to find the videos. It will classify the clips as private, which means the only people who can see them will be those preselected by the video owner.

YouTube says it will split the subscription revenue with video owners whose clips are viewed, giving them 55 percent of the revenue that’s associated with their videos. That’s the same split its partners collect from advertising, IDG News Service reports.

YouTube posted its updated partner terms in an FAQ-format here.

YouTube already offers some paid channels. It also launched Music Key, a paid subscription, ad-free music service, last year.

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