10 Ways to Lose Weight and Pay Down Debt — at the Same Time

If your resolutions to eat less — and spend less — have long gone out the window, you may be staring at two frustratingly large numbers: one on your credit card statement and another on your bathroom scale.

Why not tackle both of them together?

Yes, it’s possible — consider the following ways to reduce your credit card balance and your waistline at the same time.

1. Get paid to lose weight

There is no better way to shed pounds and debt at once than to get paid for achieving your weight-loss goals and then applying that extra money to your debt.

Fortunately, programs like HealthyWage make that possible by letting your bet on your weight-loss goals.

How much money can you earn this way? That depends on how money you wager on your own weight-loss target as well as factors like the amount of weight you lose and the time it takes you to lose it.

To get an idea of how much money you could earn, play around with HealthyWage’s prize calculator.

2. Work out at the local community center — or in your own living room

You don’t need an expensive gym membership to work out.

Drop-in fees for working out at the gym at your local community center are often relatively inexpensive. They can get even cheaper if you buy monthly or quarterly passes.

Even better, you can work out at home. For ideas, check out “7 Free Apps for Better Health in 2020.”

You then can take the money you didn’t spend on a gym membership and apply that to your credit card balance.

3. Look good, feel better, save money

One of the tricks when losing weight is not to walk around in baggy clothes after you’ve lost your first 10, 15 or 20 pounds.

You’ve done the hard work to look and feel better. You deserve clothes that show off your hard work. But you also want to stay on track to getting rid of your debt.

The answer: Shop at secondhand clothing stores to get “new to you” clothes that will look and feel good — we’ve got “11 Secrets to Finding Quality Clothing at Thrift Shops.”

Then, use the money you’ve saved to pay down debt.

4. Reward yourself with extra credit card payments instead of calories

Repurpose the money you have been spending on fast food.

Let’s say, for example, that you currently spend $6 every morning getting a latte and a muffin at Starbucks.

Obviously, that’s not food that you need. Depending on the size of the latte and what you put in it — and your choice of muffin — you could easily consume 600 calories with that little “snack” on your way to work. And there are better uses for that $6.

A better choice: Make yourself a coffee at home and grab a piece of fruit that you can eat in the car.

Even if your homemade coffee and snack costs you $1, that’s a savings of $5 a day — or $25 a week — that you can put toward paying off your credit card.

5. Work your way to a fitter you

There are a lot of things that need to get done around the average house that could burn calories and make you a bit of money.

Depending on the time of year, these jobs can include mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, shoveling snow or doing that big clean-out of the garage.

You no longer have to pay the kid next door to do any of those jobs for you. You can do them yourself, work up a sweat, and use the money that you save to get your credit card balance back to zero faster.

6. Eat less, pay less

Weigh and track what you eat: These are instructions you’ll get from pretty much every weight-loss program, including the one that your doctor will give you when he or she tells you that you need to lose weight.

It may seem counterintuitive, but one great way to do this is to buy food from bulk bins — precisely because it is not pre-weighed or measured for you.

It will force you to do the work of measuring out all the food you buy, which can help create a level of mindfulness of your eating habits that you likely won’t have if you eat a lot of pre-measured and pre-packaged food.

7. Plan your meals

To succeed at both losing weight and saving money, plan out what you’re going to eat.

If you know in advance what you’re going to eat, you’ll be less tempted to give in to pastries on coffee breaks.

Not sure how to get starting with meal planning? Check out “This Habit Saves Me Money and Stress All Week Long.”

8. Walk everywhere you can

Cars, buses and taxis cost you money — and they don’t provide you with much exercise.

If you change the routine so your daily commute involves more walking and cut back on your costs at the same time, you will reach both your financial and fitness goals a lot faster.

Just make sure you have good, comfortable shoes before setting out on this journey.

9. Take the stairs

Once you get to work, avoid the elevator and take the stairs as often as you can.

You can make it a game for yourself, seeing how far you can get into your day before you take the elevator for the first time.

Climbing stairs is a great cardio workout — and one that you can do at work or at home without needing to own or rent one of those expensive step machines.

10. Make some time to play

Friends, kids or pets are often more fun than even the most entertaining book or movie.

Plan some activity that involves family hikes, long dog walks or just a round of Frisbee tossing at the local park.

You will feel more energized by these activities than if you sit like a lump in front of a movie screen for two hours. You also won’t spend money on that bucket of buttery popcorn.

Do you have tips that have helped you lose weight and reduce debt? Share them with the rest of us by commenting below or on our Facebook page.

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