3 Streaming TV Services Hike Their Prices — But Cheaper Options Exist

3 Streaming TV Services Hike Their Prices — But Cheaper Options Exist Photo by Minerva Studio / Shutterstock.com

Three major streaming TV services have recently increased some of their prices, or are about to do so.

This news follows price hikes from YouTube TV and FuboTV earlier this year.

In some cases, companies attribute rate hikes to expanded offerings or increased costs of providing TV service. But whatever the reason, it doesn’t mean you must shell out more for your favorite entertainment.

You do need to consider all of your options, though. So, here’s a look at them, starting with the services that are raising prices:

1. DirecTV Now

On the heels of its merger with Time Warner — which AT&T said would probably result in lower DirecTV prices — AT&T has raised the prices of all DirecTV Now packages by $5 per month, as The Washington Post reported.

The new prices took effect on July 26 for new customers but may take effect later for existing customers, depending on their billing dates.

DirecTV Now’s new prices range from $40 to $75 per month.

2. Sling TV

This Dish Network-owned streaming service added a la carte options in late June, allowing customers to subscribe to certain individual channels.

Around the same time, however, the price of Sling TV’s “Orange” channel package increased from $20 to $25.

The price of the “Blue” package remains $25, and the price for both packages remains $40.

3. PlayStation Vue

This Sony-owned service announced in July that the price of all its multi-channel packages would increase by $5. For new customers, the change took effect July 24. Existing customers will see the increase on the first bill they receive after July 31.

PlayStation Vue’s new package prices range from $44.99 to $79.99 per month.

The prices of add-on and standalone channels remain the same.

Other options

The streaming services mentioned above are hardly your only choices — and others are cheaper.

For example, Amazon’s streaming service, Prime Video, costs $12.99 per month for folks without an Amazon Prime membership. It’s included with a Prime membership.

Older standbys Netflix and Hulu each offer at least one subscription plan that is cheaper than $25.

Newer competitors include Philo, which offers a $16 package and a $20 package — each with some 40 channels.

Of course, price isn’t the only factor to consider when shopping around for a TV service. It doesn’t matter how cheap a package is if it doesn’t include the entertainment you want most. And some of these services might not offer the TV networks you love.

So, you must also take a close look at streaming services’ offerings, such as the channel lineup of particular packages.

For more pointers, check out:

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